Crafco EZ-Pour Melter/Applicator

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION   All E-Z Pour melters have a galvanized corrosion resistant jacket that is painted with a two part Dupont™ epoxy paint. Under the jacket is a high efficiency ceramic insulation, which surrounds the melter chamber. The frame is a one-piece precision constructed frame designed for balance and easy towing. All melters feature a low profile and adjustable hitch.

ROUND TANK  Configuration provides consistent clearance between the agitator and tank wall for complete agitation. Featuring a .187” wall thickness for lasting durability and a corrosion resistant galvanex jacket.

SEVEN MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM  Crafco has the broadest selection of melters.  Select a melter that's just right for your application.  Available is the EZ-Pour 50, EZ-Pour 100 diesel, EZ-Pour 100 diesel/compressor, EZ-Pour 200 diesel, EZ-Pour 200 diesel/compressor, EZ-Pour 400 diesel, EZ-Pour diesel/double pumper.

All new E-Z Pour Melters feature the NEW EZ PUMP.


• One hour heat-up time
• Flush free, no solvents
• Uses all hot pour sealant
• Ceramic insulation
• Fast melting recovery rate
• Curbside controls
• Low profile
• Splash proof lid
• Low decibel rating
• Bi-directional agitation
• One dial temp control
• Longer pump life
• Torsional axles

• Surge brakes
• Various sealant tips
• Warning and strobe lights
• Lockable engine cover
• Custom paints
• Variety of hitches
• Gravity kit for pour pot use
• Tool box
• Fire extinguisher
• Cab brake control
• Autoloader
• Compressor 

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> E-Z Pour 200DC Specifications <

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> E-Z Pour 400D Specifications <

More Features and Options!

1 - INDEPENDENT VARIABLE SPEED PUMP AND AGITATION CURB SIDE HYDRAULIC CONTROLS All controls are on the curbside to increase operator safety giving the operator complete control over material agitation and pumping rate.

2 - QUICK AND SIMPLE START UP All E-Z Pour melters are equipped with a thermostatic control featuring a safety shut down. Shut down at the end of the day is just as easy with the “Flush free clean up” system.
4 - OIL JACKETED PUMP  Re-circulating heat transfer oil pump on 200 gallon and larger units adds life to the heat transfer oil for fast heat-up. Double pump option, 400 gallon E-Z Pour only.
5 - OPTIONAL COMPRESSOR  has been available for over ten years and is used with a hot or cold air lance to clean cracks or joints.

E-Z Pour  200 w/ Easy Load Option

Quick, Safe and Easy operation!

Ergonomically engineered loading height features:
• Splash proof lid
• Automatic agitation shut off
• Fume free environment
• No operator back strain
• Light weight loading lid


For further information, please contact:

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