High Friction Surface

Crafco High Friction Surface (HFS) is a high friction, skid resistance treatment designed for asphalt & concrete pavement as well as wood and metal substrates. When applied, HFS improves braking distances up to 33%, increases driver awareness of treated surfaces, and reduces hydroplaning. HFS is comprised of a thermosetting modified epoxy compound which exhibits plastoelastic properties bonding the aggregate permanently in position. Crafco HFS will not become embedded or displaced under heavy braking or wheel loading, ensuring the integrity of the HFS treatment. Once in place the HFS surface remains coarse, due to its fracture properties, providing a long lasting friction surface treatment. HFS is resistant to oil, fuel and de-icing salts.
Increased safety is realized when HFS is applied to bridge decks to reduce hydroplaning, and on ramps and negative camber curves to increase friction.
Crafco HFS offers three dimensional qualities to increase driver awareness and safety on:
  Bike Paths
Pedestrian Cross Walks
School Crossings
Grades and Curves
Corners and Slip Lanes

System Construction and Installation

Crafco HFS is a high performance, chemically engineered, highly modified epoxy resin system specifically designed to provide a flexible high friction colored surface coating for roadway, bridge and highway application.

The selected aggregate used in Crafco HFS features a high PSV/ PAFV (Polished Stone Value/Polished Aggregate Friction Value), generally in excess of +70, which ensures that the aggregate will not polish smooth but remain sharp. As the surface wears it micro fractures, retaining its high skid resistance property makes it an ideal long term application solution.

Prepare the surface that is to be treated by sweeping or blowing clean of any dirt and debris.  Area must be completely dry.  Tape off surface area to desired measurements.

1 - Mix the two part epoxy
2 - Spread the epoxy over the surface.
3 - Coat with aggregate

Allow the epoxy to thoroughly cure and then sweep of any loose aggregate.  Open to traffic.

Multiple and custom colors available.

Choose from Crafco HFS standard colors or select a custom color.

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