Crafco Sealant Selection
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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has completed one of the most extensive highway research projects in history. The project known as LTPP (Long Term Pavement Performance) had the goal of improving pavement design, pavement performance and pavement preservation processes.

As part of this research, pavement temperature data from thousands of locations across the United States and Canada were collected. This information has been compiled in a database called LTTPBind. This information is commonly used in the Super Pave binder selection process. 

Crafco has used this data to develop a product selection process for sealant to be used in pavement preservation treatments. Coupled with a treatment selection process you now have the ability to accurately determine the right Crafco product, for the right process, for the right pavement at the right time.

Product Selection Process
1- Evaluate pavement and determine pavement preservation treatment.
    A) Crack Sealing
    B) Performance Crack Filling
    C) Joint Sealing
2- Determine pavement temperature
3- Select appropriate Crafco product for your application.

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