Step 1: Evaluating Pavement


A) Crack Sealing: This process should be performed on pavements that are in good condition. That is defined as a pavement with a sound base and exhibits distress in the form of thermal or working cracks with greater than 1/8 inch movement. The procedure generally consists of sealing transverse cracks spaced 20 feet apart or more in order to prevent moisture from entering and deteriorating the subbase and incompressible material from interfering with thermal movement. See the Crafco Application Instructions for your chosen sealant to get specific directions on preparation and application. Generally, all crack seal operations include mechanically widening the crack. The expected life of this procedure is 5 to 9 years in most cases.

Performance Crack Filling: This procedure consists of filling cracks with low (<1/8 inch) movement in order to stop moisture from penetrating to the subbase of the pavement. If moisture is not checked, catastrophic pavement failure such as potholes will form. Another reason for crack filling is to stop crack raveling. Crack filling is a very cost-effective method of pavement repair that will add years to its life. Crack fill pavements that are in fair to poor condition on a regular basis to maintain or slightly improve their condition. A life of 6 to 8 years can be expected in most instances.

Joint Sealing: The sealing of concrete pavement joints is required to stop moisture from entering and deteriorating the subbase of the pavement. The most cost-effective method of ensuring optimum performance of a PCC pavement is by constructing a sound joint seal system that will last. For detailed information see the Crafco joint seal Product Data Sheet and Application Instructions.

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