CPM Concrete Patching Material

CPM® Concrete
Patching Material

Commercial-Grade Concrete Patch
CPM is a high-strength, rapid-developing, commercial-grade concrete
patch that forms a very dense patch that will resist chlorides and acids.

• Low chloride permeability.

• High freeze-thaw resistance

• High compressive and shear/bond strengths

• No bonding agent needed

Specially designed for patching, repair and restoration
of worn or damaged concrete structures and surfaces
Such as:
              • Curbs                        • Foundations

              • Roads                       • Spillways

              • Sidewalks                  • Buildings

              • Bridge Decks             • Driveways

              • Pools                         • Slabs

              • Ornamental Casts

Technical Data

Initial Set Time ASTM C807                 45 minutes

Compressive Strength ASTM C579B   2 hours 4000 psi

                                                            28 days 7640 psi

Shear/Bond Strength ASTM C882       28 days 1566 psi

Chloride Permeability ASTM C1202     14 days 1498 coul

Dry Shrinkage ASTM C596                   28 days .0907%

One 5-gallon pail will cover approximately 16 square feet at a thickness of 1/4 inch.

Roughen the edges for proper adherence and remove all loose debris. If area has grease or oil build up use brush with detergent and water to clean. Flush with water to eliminate any detergent residue. Allow area to remain damp but with no puddles.

Mixing: Add 5 parts of dry mix to 1 part clean water and mix thoroughly.

CPM requires much less water than other concrete products. The mix will appear dry at first, but will “moisten” as mixing continues. If the initial set starts, DO NOT add more water and try to remixor retemper, as this will result in loss of strength. Application: Place mixed material in the dampened area to be patched. Work material into the old concrete and trowel finish.

For Best Results
After the initial set has taken place, the surface may be moistened and troweled to a smooth finish. For maximum strength, cure the surface by keeping it damp for 24 hours. If repair is deeper than 6”apply in 2 equal layers waitng 30 minutes between applications.

Wear protective clothing (gloves and safety glasses) as direct contact may irritate eyes and skin. Wash exposed areas promptly with water. If any material gets into the eyes, rinse immediately and contact a physician.

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