UPM High-Performance Asphalt Cold Mix



Unique Paving Materials Corporation guarantees UPM to perform as follows:

1. UPM will stay in place for the life of the surrounding pavement in at least 90% of all patches,when properly* applied.

2. UPM winter grades will remain workable for use in sub-freezing temperatures.

3. UPM will perform well in both extreme wet or dry weather conditions.

4. UPM requires no primer and will not bleed through hot mix overlays.

5. UPM makes permanent repairs which do not need to be replaced with hot mix.

6. UPM stockpile life will be greater than one year when properly stored.

* "Properly applied and stored" means reasonably similar to standard commercial practices for patching and stockpiling. See manufacturer's recommendations below or call (800) 441-4881.

Manufacturer's Recommendations

UPM Patching - 3 Easy Steps

1. PREPARE • Remove all loose dust, dirt and debris by sweeping with a broom and scraping with a shovel.

2. APPLY • Shovel UPM into hole and level out 25% higher than desired depth to allow for compaction. If patch is deeper than 3", apply and compact in separate 2" layers. Apply only over solid base, not mud or clay.

3. COMPACT • Compact UPM by driving truck back and forth over patch several times. Rollers and vibratory compactors generally improve all patch performance. Use them if available.

UMP Stockpiling

Place UPM on a clean pad of asphalt or concrete.
Do not allow UPM to be contaminated with other materials.
Dusty conditions will shorten UPM's stockpile life and lessen workability.

For in-depth technical information or further guarantee information, please contact Denver Industrial Sales & Service Company (877) 935-2485 or Unique Paving Materials Corporation (800) 441-4881.

For further information, please contact:

Denver Industrial Sales & Service Company

850 South Lipan Street
Denver, CO 80223
Ph. (303) 935-2485 · Fax (303) 935-6787
Toll Free (877) 935-2485




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