Prepare area by sweeping and removing loose debris.

Apply the ready-to-use material even in wet holes!

Shovel and level out 25% higher than desired depth.

Compact UPM® with a hand tamper, roller, or plate compactor


We hate potholes so much that we created the one product that will eliminate them permanently: UPM High-Performance Permanent Road Repair Material.

UPM stays in the pothole when all other products fail. We guarantee 90% of all potholes patched with UPM will stay patched for the life of the surrounding pavement. This guarantee not only eliminates potholes, but saves you money.

UPM has proven to be the finest and least expensive of all patching materials. UPM is the only Permanent Road Repair Material.

FILL POTHOLES IN COLD, WET WEATHER ~ UPM really takes hold of pothole repairs in severe weather when other materials can't even be shoveled. Patching wet, freezing holes-to stay-is how we made our name.

DO IT FAST ~ If you've got more potholes than you know what to do with, UPM is on your side. With minimal preparation and immediate traffic access, your workers are safely in and out faster than anything else, leaving behind a quality application.

MAKE IT STAY PERMANENTLY ~ UPM stays put as long as the surrounding pavement in 90% of total applications, unlike temporary materials.

LIMITED LABOR ~ UPM uses smaller crews so you can raise your patching efficiency to the maximum, allowing you to split crews to deal with high volume patching situations.

EQUIPMENT ~ Ever try getting a roller out on an icy wet street? UPM needs no rollers, vibratamps, hot boxes, tack buckets, jack hammers or torches. Basic tools (shovels and rakes) do a fantastic job with this high-performance material.

20 YEAR TRACK RECORD ~ UPM has proven itself again and again in countless field trials and high level evaluations, with over a million tons produced!

TOTAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT ~ From our state of the art laboratories to out on-site technical staff, along with our national and international system of distributors, we are not satisfied until you are.


HIGH PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE ~ We want our customers to be like our material - permanent!

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