Crafco Supershot Melters

There are three sizes to choose from. The Super Shot 60 is a 60-gallon capacity unit, which features automatic digital controls. It is propane fired, with a heated hose and wand. This machine is designed for used on projects under 2,000 pounds of sealant per day. The Super Shot 60 is also available as a skid mount.

The mid-sized 125 gallon capacity Super Shot 125 offers the best versatility. Ideal for mid to large sized projects, this unit is diesel powered available with an optional compressor or a labor saving Auto Loader.

The oversized 250-gallon Super Shot 250 is designed for large projects. This machine will out-perform any melter in its class and is available with many standard options. 


Automated controls         
No line pressure
45 minute heat-up time
No external plumbing
Fewer moving parts
Direct flow application
Fingertip temperature control
Digital temp read-out
Variable flow hydraulics
Low fuel consumption
No valves
Longer pump life

Router carrier
Hitch selection
Tail light plug selection
Tool box
Wand tips and nozzles
Custom paint
Fire extinguisher
Cab brake control
Overnight heater
Light bar
Spare tire

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More Features and Options! 

- OPTIONAL COMPRESSOR available for over ten years runs air lance used to clean out dirt and debris from cracks increasing crack sealing efficiency. 

2 - INTEGRATED OPERATOR CONTROL SYSTEM operates the entire unit and overrides possible operator error. Set it and forget it. 

3 - OPTIONAL ENGINE COVER protect engine from the elements, vandalism and theft. 

4 - LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICALLY HEATED HOSE The hose is heated with low electric voltage to application temperature within 45 minutes. This means no more hose plug-ups or need to regulate the temperature in an oven compartment. The hose has the longest working radius in the industry and a 360 swivel, protected, repairable hose and wand. Hose has a one year warranty.


6 - AUTOMATIC AGITATOR SHUT-OFF and  SPLASH PROOF LID Safety is engineered in. Shut offs are incorporated into: the lid the hose the wand the pump the burner the electrical controls

7 - RUGGED RELIABILITY  The low profile of the Super Shot melter provides a low center of gravity, provides easy loading yet has ample unobstructed ground clearance for safe towing over the most rugged road conditions. 

8 - EFFICIENT BURNER is positioned safely within the frame giving it protection and ample ground clearance. Time saving electric overnight pre-heater option available. 

Quick, Safe and Easy operation!

Ergonomically engineered loading height features:
Splash proof lid
Automatic agitation shut off
Fume free environment
No operator back strain
Light weight loading lid

NO VALVES IN MATERIAL LINE - The Super Shot utilizes a unique design that provides for no valve obstructions from the pump all the way to the tip of the wand. No valves means easier operation and no pressure in the lines.

QUICK AND SIMPLE START UP - With the flip of a toggle switch the Super Shot will be ready to operate in less than an hour. Shut down at the end of the day is just as easy.


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