DISSCO 540 Installation Guide



1. DISSCO 540 MASTIC should not be applied over standing water or wet surfaces. Allow at least 48 hours cure time on newly poured concrete or mortar joints prior to application of waterproofing.

2. Remove loose dirt and debris from footers with a stiff brush. Scrape loose mortar from walls and footers if necessary.

3. Remove wall ties prior to application. Deep cone form ties must be grouted prior to waterproofing.

4. For ease of application heat DISSCO 540 MASTIC to 120°F to 150°F.

5. Use DISSCO recommended spray equipment and application procedures. Apply two coats, each coat to give a uniform coverage rate of 6 gallons per 100 square feet of area per coat. Finished two coat dry film thickness of no less than 110 mills. On rougher surfaces additional material may be required

6. During spray operations, pay close attention to irregularities in the surfaces to be coated. Adjustments in spray angle and additional coating may be necessary to assure that all surfaces are properly coated.

Examples of irregularities are:

•Wall tie penetrations
•Utility, vent, and chimney penetrations
•Honeycomb surfaces
•Cold joints
•Form joints
•Joints between footers and walls
•Joints between masonry blocks

7. After completing spray application of foundation, check for areas which were missed and also those which are visibly thin. If necessary, apply a touch coat to these areas.

8. Allow 16-24 hours for coating to dry prior to backfilling. During colder weather, a longer drying time may be necessary. Coated surfaces should be covered within 15 days. Long term exposure to sunlight may be detrimental to performance of the coating.

9. Drainage tile should be installed per manufacturer's recommendations to provide for removal of water from foundation walls and footer. Care should be taken during installation to ensure that coating is not damaged.

10. The use of protection board is recommended to cover membrane when angular stone or sharp objects are present in the backfill.

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