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LineLazer™ III

LineLazer III is the best family of line stripers yet! LineLazer III is loaded with features, both familiar and brand-new, that are designed to make your job easier. The major controls are placed where they're easily accessible from the striping position - you can change settings as you go! Watch downtime shrink away as your productivity soars.


SmartControl™ with Digital Tracking System keeps you informed. SmartControl™ monitors, tracks and displays every aspect of your job, making your bidding process easier and much more accurate. This technology also gives you a valuable competitive advantage over other contractors, allowing you to share vital information with property managers as assurance that the job was done right.

Pressure - Accurately set system pressure to desired level; Set spraying pressure as you work.

Speed - Displays striping speed; Allows you to monitor speed for precise even and accurate lines; Match your striping speed to your tip size.

Material Thickness - Records average wet film build of striped lines; Allows you to monitor amount of material being used and adjust if needed; Helps determine tip wear and its effect on material usage.

Distance - Resettable distance meter tracks actual striping distance and linear feet applied; Tracks distance by job or project.

Material Used - Resettable material counter tracks the amount of material applied; Tracks material used by job or project.

SmartControl™ MicroProcessor - Provides consistent spraying pressure, reducing pulsation and variations; Ensures maximum performance and reliability with all materials.

Easy Out Filter - Cleans from the inside out; Never gets stuck; Larger filtering area.

Easy Reach Controls - Allows quick fine-tuning of system settings without stopping production; Pressure adjustment, Pump on/off switch, Engine speed, Prime/Spray Selector, Remote Safety Shut Off, Comfort Grips.

GMax Advantage Drive System - Heavy-duty clutch automatically adjusts and aligns for long life and maximum performance; Hardened helical gears offer proven durability with quiet, efficient operation; Endurance™ Piston Pump featuring the NEW Extreme™ rod sets the industry standard for convenience, ease of use, and long life.

Quick Select Gun Selector (Patent Pending) - Allows easy switching between one- and two-gun striping; Dual position gun selector enables easy, no-tools switching between Solid Lines, Solid-Skip Lines, and Skip-Solid Lines.

Fat Track System - The more stable the striper, the straighter and sharper the lines will be. Fat Track delivers sure footing that narrow and dual wheel units can't match. Single 3.5 in (89 mm) wide wheel won't follow surface cracks; Tapered locking pin prevents wheel play; Infinite Radius Lock-In™ for precise arcs and circles.

Operator Specs LineLazer 3000 LineLazer III 3900 LineLazer III 5900
Maximum Tip Size 1 gun to 0.025 1 gun to 0.034 1 gun to 0.041
2 guns to 0.024 2 guns to 0.028  
Maximum Delivery Rating 0.62 gpm (2.35 lpm) 1.5 gpm(4.4 lpm) 1.5 (5.7 lpm)
Addition Output   104% more output than the LineLazer 3000 30% more output than the LineLazer III 3900
Maximum Working Pressure 3000 psi 3300 psi 3300 psi
(20.7 MPa,207 bar) (22.7 MPa,227 bar) (22.7 MPa,227 bar)
Maximum Hose 300 ft (91.4 m) 300 ft (91.4 m) 300 ft (91.4 m)
Engine Size 4.0 HP Honda 4.0 HP Honda 505 HP Honda
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.66 gal (2.5 l) 0.66 gal (2.5 l) 0.95 gal (3.6 l)
Weight 150 lb (68 kg) 212 lb (96 kg) 232 lb (105 kg)
Dimensions 32" W x 43"H x 58"L 32" W x 40"H x 65"L 32" W x 40"H x 65"L
Repair Kits  
Gun 235474 235474 235474
Pump 235703 244196 244198
Instruction Manuals  


308685 309413 309413


308685 309414 309414
Material Most common traffic paints and architectural coatings Most heavy, low VOC, waterborne, and rubberized traffic paints Most heavy, low VOC, waterborne, and rubberized traffic paints
Typical Applications Small striping jobs, ideal for parking lots and sealcoat contractors, schools and park departments Continuous, heavy-duty striping requirements Continuous, heavy-duty striping requiring higher output capacities
Part Number 232650 (Complete) 233688 (Complete) 233690 (Complete)
239281(Rear Caster Wheel Assembly) 233689 (Complete w/2nd Gun Kit 241284) 233691(Complete w/2nd Gun Kit 241284)



Cut your production time in half while putting down straighter, more accurate lines! LineDriver gives you unparalleled efficiency - connect it to a LineLazer III and complete a wide variety of jobs in less time, such as parking lots, runways, roads, paths and sports fields. Driving hasn't been this much fun since you got your license!


Infinitely Adjustable Speed Control - Forward to 10 mph; Reverse 6 mph; Maintain striping speeds to within 1/10 mph.

Honda Overhead Valve Engine - Durable and reliable engine has Oil Alert® for worry-free operation.

Heavy-Duty Parking Brake - Keeps the system from rolling on uneven pavement.

Dual Foot Pedal Controls (Patent Pending) - Superior operator control and maximum versatility; Operate with right foot, left foot, or both; Pedal angels are independently adjustable for custom comfort.

Twin Parallel Plumbed Wheel-Drive Motor - Precisely balance for accurate and repeatable straight lines; No chains or sprockets to maintain.

Variable Displacement Hydrostatic Pump - No gears or belts to engage or wear; Never requires adjusting.

High Output Light - Allows accurate striping in low light conditions; Adjustable outward reach and lamp angle.

Padded Adjustable Seat - Fully padded with durable seat cover, provides comfortable riding all day; 12-position seat allows for a custom fit.

Convenient Under-Seat Storage - The perfect location for tools, spare tips, gas can, etc.


Operator Specs LineDriver
Operating Speed Forward to 10 mph (16 km/h) - Backwards to 6 mph (9.6 km/h)
Maintain striping speed within 1/10 mph(.16km/h)
Engine Size 505 HP Honda
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.95 gal (3.6 L)
Weight 246 lbs (111 kg)
Dimensions 26"W x 41"H x 58"L
Instruction Manuals Operation 309402
  Repair 309404
Typical Applications Use on any application where a walk-behind striper would be used, and more
Part Number 233725


Versatility that keeps you working!

LineLazer lets you take total control of your striping jobs. Either driving or walking, you'll see better results and be more productive.

Disconnect the LineDriver quickly and easily to reach those tight spots.

Stenciling is easy with LineLazer III's standard 57ft (17m) of on-board hose.

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