About Us

Denver Industrial Sales & Service Co., also known as DISSCO, is a Colorado grown, family owned and operated company, serving the Rocky Mountain region since 1949. DISSCO has strived to build and maintain a quality reputation by serving the needs of the Waterproofing, Roofing, Paving Maintenance and Drainage Industries with the finest materials and equipment available coupled with the best customer service unmatched in the industry.

DISSCO is a company with deep roots in the construction industry starting out in 1949 as a specialty coatings contractor. Becoming a coatings manufacturer became necessary because of the lack of quality materials available to perform quality work. DISSCO constructed a small coatings plant in 1951 so as to develop and manufacture the quality products desired for our contracting element. Our experience in the construction industry provides us with a unique in-depth view of the needs of the industries we serve.

Today, DISSCO manufactures and distributes a vast variety of products so that we may become a one stop shop for the industries we serve.


The purpose of Denver Industrial Sales & Service Co. is to provide the customer the best possible product quality along with the finest customer service possible in a profitable manner and while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Remember if we don’t take care of the customer somebody else will.