ADS® TripleWall

ADS Triple Wall Pipe- Twice the strength and toughness of ordinary the same price!


ADS Triple Wall pipeThe ADS Triple Wall Pipe has three bonded polyethylene layers for exceptional pipe stiffness.
A smooth inner wall is extruded with a corrugated structural core, which is then extrusion-laminated with a smooth white outer wall. This construction gives the pipe an unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio, and stiffness ratings at least double that of any competitive sewer and drain pipe.

•Strong. ADS Triple Wall pipe is high-density polyethylene & will not crack or flatten under typical loads.
•Pipe stiffness Minimum Pipe Stiffness per ASTM D2412
4" Diameter 3" Diameter
ADS TripleWall 22 psi 40 psi
ASTM D 2729 PVC 11 psi 19 psi
ASTM F 810 PE 11 psi 19 psi
• Durable. Excellent resistance to impact damage, abrasion, and corrosion.
• Light Weight. Virtually identical in weight to the same diameter corrugated HDPE pipe.

Injection molded high density polyethylene coupling is spun welded to the pipe.

  • Consistent dimensions and tolerances
  • Deep tapered bell ensures tight fit
  • Pipe will fit any standard Sewer & Drain fitting (PVC, Styrene, etc.)
The most often seen use-cases include
  • Commercial buildings and residential homes: Because of its long life and ease of transportation, storage, and installation, it has long been used by architects and contractors in place of copper or another metal tubing. It is a particularly effective solution in areas where high resistance is required - for example, frequent earthquakes. 
  • In order to prevent frost damage or pavement deterioration due to unstable bases, driveways and sidewalks are installed under drainage systems. Water can be channeled away from the pavement with perforated drainage tubing installed in a bed of gravel. 
  • External and internal drainage: Typical applications for ADS pipes are in basements and under buildings where high ground levels require drainage to maintain the integrity of the building.
  • Downspout runoff
  • Sump pump outlet
  • Foundation/footer drainage
  • Curtain drains
  • Retaining Walls
  • Agricultural drain outlets
  • Irrigation
  • Parks, golf courses
Part No. Size (1) Style O.D.
462-0010 4" Perforated, two hole (2) 4.215"
465-0010 4" Solid 4.215"
362-0010 (3) 3" Perforated, two hole (2) 3.250"
365-0010 (3) 3" Solid 3.250"
  1. 10 ft. length standard, with one spin-welded coupling.
  2. Standard 5/8" leach holes, 3.5" spacing, 120° apart. Three hole and other hole orientations available.
  3. 3" ADS Triple Wall Pipe not currently available in all areas.
  • 5 pieces per bundle (50 ft.)
  • 90 pieces per pallet (900 ft.)
  • 24 pallets per standard flatbed truck (21,600 ft.)

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