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Our flagship professional-grade crack fill melter applicator with a completely enclosed burner design.

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Our contractor-grade crack fill melter applicator designed to melt and apply crack filler at walking speed.

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RY10MK-PRO Kettle

Our newest melter kettle: bolt-on to a trailer or truck and melt rubberized crack filler as you go.

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RY30MK-PRO Kettle

The world’s first 30-Gallon direct fired crack fill melter kettle featuring dual internal burners.

We’ve engineered and built a new generation of machines that are tougher, more efficient and safer to use than any already on the market, allowing you to maximize your business and maximize your profits. Don’t believe us? Check out our signature applicator, the RY10MA-Pro and then read what our stoked customers have to say about it.

Watch the RY10MA-PRO in Action!

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