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Sealcoat Spray Tips – Hardened Steel

DISSCO’s Hardened Steel Spray tips are the professional’s choice for durability and affordability. DISSCO Hardened Steel Spray Tips are designed for asphalt emulsions and refined coal tar sealers.

Tips are available in 80-degree widths in sizes ranging from 20, 30, 40, 50 and 70 and available in connection sizes of ¼”, 3/8” and ½” NPT pipe sizes.

Available Sizes in Stock
  • CS-ST252C (1/4" 80/20 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST253C (1/4" 80/30 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST254C (1/4" 80/40 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST255C (1/4" 80/50 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST257C (1/4" 80/70 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST383C (3/8" 80/30 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST384C (3/8" 80/40 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST385C (3/8" 80/50 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST387C (3/8" 80/70 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST503C (1/2" 80/30 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST504C (1/2" 80/40 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST505C (1/2" 80/50 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)
  • CS-ST507C (1/2" 80/70 Hardened Steel Spray Tip)

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The RotoClean attachment provides a quick and easy method of unclogging spray tips without removing them from the spray gun in airless painting and high pressure spraying applications.

The RotoClean attaches to the spray gun and includes a tungsten carbide orifice insert which can be rotated 180° by the RotoClean handle to face the opposite direction. This rotation allow obstruction to be blown out the larger opening in the back of the tip as liquid passes through the spray gun.

UniJet® Spray Nozzle System

UniJet Nozzles consist of a nozzle body, a spray tip, and a tip retainer. Additional components such as strainers, check valves, special adapters and metering orifices can also be included in the assembly.

Nozzle Bodies: Standard UniJet nozzle bodies have pipe thread (male or female) inlet connections in 1/8" to 1/2" sizes. All outlet connections are 11/16" male thread to fit UniJet tip retainers and adapters.The UniJet system also provides special nozzle bodies. Nozzle bodies with hose shanks, swivels, split-eyelet clamps, adjustable mounting clamps and diaphragm check valves are all available.

Spray Tips: UniJet spray tips off a wide selection of spray patterns, capacities, and materials. Flat spray, full cone, hollow cone and solid stream patterns, as well as metering orifices and atomizing tips are all available in the UniJet system. Capacities range from 0.003 to 25 gpm (0.01 to 94 l/min).

Tip Retainers: UniJet tip retainers fit all UniJet nozzle bodies. Tip retainers hold spray tips and other nozzle components firmly in place. Adapters with 11/16"-16 inlet thread are available with NPT or BSPT outlets, hose shank connections and wall mount connections for use in place of standard retainers.

VeeJet® Spray Nozzles - Standard Type