Crafco Geo Composites

Crafco Geo Composites effectively retard and control reflective cracking in asphalt overlays by dispersing stress induced by thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Provides a stress relief layer
  • Reduces reflective cracking/Increases overlay life
  • Lowers pavement maintenance costs
  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Reduces further structural deterioration
  • Reduces moisture penetration/Waterproofs

PavePrepPavePrep is a high density mastic laminated with a tough woven polyester designed to withstand the loads encountered by highway traffic and stress concentrations at pavement joints and cracks. PavePrep's dense and flexible mastic reduces crack reflection through the overlay.

ISACISAC isolates the immense strain, impact loading and movement deflections that are created by airplane take-offs and landings. Bridge decks and highways benefit from ISAC's geosynthetics and asphalt mastic composite creating and effective, durable and long lasting barrier against water and de-icing salts.

GeoTacGeoTac is a peel-and stick waterproofing membrane designed specifically as a moisture barrier. It prevents water permeation or penetration through pavement surfaces and subsequent damage that moisture causes. GeoTac is high caliber with a full modified SBS asphalt mastic applied to a non woven polyester geotextile.

GeoFilmGeoFilm is a peel-and-stick waterproofing membrane. It prevents water penetration and subsequent moisture damage. Applications include: Box culverts, Retaining walls, Abutment backwalls, Concrete pipe joints, Manholes, Headwalls, Median and Paved shoulder inlets, Catch basins, Barrier Median inlets, and Foundations.

Geo Composite 4-Fold

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