UNIQUE® Anchor Cement – FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about UNIQUE® Anchor Cement.

Here is where you can learn all about UNIQUE® Anchor Cement: What is it and how to use it? Questions about packaging, shelf life, preferred applications, placement limitations, curing process, and much more. These are the answers to your questions.

What type of product is UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
UNIQUE Anchor Cement is a blend of cement, fine silica sand, and performance enhancing additives.

What are the preferred applications for UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
Use UNIQUE anchor cement can be used for anchoring signs, posts, handrails, parking meters, bolts, motors, hooks, handrails, pipes, conduits, ornamental iron work, seats, shelving and appliances.

What are the placement limitations for UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
Do not use UNIQUE Anchor Cement applications on unsound concrete or like surfaces.

What is the curing time for UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
UNIQUE Anchor Cement cures in 20 minutes or less.

Do I need to add any curing agents or other additives to UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
All you need to do is just add UNIQUE Anchor Cement to the pre-measured water.

How can I delay or speed up the set time for UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
You can extend the cure time of UNIQUE Anchor Cement by using cold or ice cold water and speed up the set time by using warm or hot water.

What is the best way to cure the UNIQUE Anchor Cement repair?
Damp cure all UNIQUE Anchor Cement installations. Begin curing as soon as the surface has lost its moist sheen. Keep exposed surfaces wet for a minimum of 1 hour. When experiencing extended setting times, due to cold temperature or the use of retarder, longer cure times may be required. The objective of damp curing shall be to maintain the continuously wet surface until the product has achieved sufficient strength.

Do I need anything special to clean my tools or other items?
No, UNIQUE® concrete products are water soluble prior to drying. Clean container and tools with water prior to the material drying.

What is the coverage rate of UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
50 pounds of UNIQUE Anchor Cement mixed with water yields approximately 4.35 square ft 1″ thick.

What type of packaging is available for UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
UNIQUE Anchor Cement is available in 50, 20 and 10 pound plastic pails and in 50 lb. poly lined paper bags by special order.

What is the shelf life for a pail of UNIQUE Anchor Cement?
Two years if stored in an unopened pail according to ACI Guidelines.

Features and Benefits

Multi Use – Interior or exterior use and can be used vertically and horizontally

Excellent Adhesion – Bonds without a bonding agent, high early strength

Durable – Freeze-thaw resistant, Sulfate resistant, volume stable

User Friendly – Self-curing, easy clean up with water

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