Crafco EZ Series 1500-EB Double Pumper Crack Seal Melter

For Sale, NEW 2022 Crafco EZ Series 1500 Double Pumper crack seal melter w/ Dual Electric Hoses and Wands and a Auto Loading Conveyor.

IN STOCK. Ready for IMMEDIATE Delivery.

Priced To Move. Offered Below Current Market Value.

This unit is all decked out set up for the SERIOUS road sealing contractor. The Crafco EZ Series 1500-EB Double Pumper is the fastest producing Crack Seal machine on the market. The EZ Series 1500 has a 95% heat efficiency and can heat and apply 2,500 lbs. of sealant per hour. No Other brand of Melter comes close.


  • 1500 Liter (400 gallon) Tank
  • Central Heating Tower
  • Dual Sealant Delivery Pumps
  • Dual Electric Heated Hoses
  • Dual Electric Heated Wands
  • Dual Swivel Sliding Hose Booms
  • Autoloading Conveyor
  • 42.5 hp Kubota Diesel Engine
  • Insulated Engine Cover
  • 330,000 BTU Diesel Fired Burner
  • Insulated Rear Hose Box for Non-Heated Hoses
  • 5” Channel Iron Frame
  • Dual 6,000 lb Rubber Torsional axles
  • LED Directional Light Bar
  • Strobe Light and Night Work Lights
  • Fire Extinguisher Mounted
  • Toolbox
  • Diamond Plate Steel Fenders
  • Angled Loading Lid
  • Anti-Splash Box
  • 3” Pintle w/ 28” Hitch Extension
  • Rear Control Panels
  • Pump On Demand Sealant Dispensing System
  • Low Profile Loading Height
  • Easy Access Burner Placement

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Crafco EZ Series II Melter/Applicators Engineered
answer todays challenges that have developed
from higher energy costs and smaller budgets. The EZ Series

II machines exceed all expectations, quickly and economically.

No other machine on the market today can match Crafco’s

Engineered Performance Machines.

Engineered Efficiency. The heat transfer profile of these units
is second to none, using less fuel to heat each pound of sealant.

Utilizing a heat tower inside the sealant tank the EZ Series II

Melters achieve over 95% heat efficiency. With the incorporation

of larger mixer paddles, turning at an optimal speed, the heat is

transferred into the sealant faster than ever before. A rugged 2-

inch sealant pump, coupled with true on demand pumping,

provides the Crafco EZ Series II with the power to apply hot pour, fiber,

or coal tar sealants effectively and efficiently with the added

benefit of a longer pump life and lower maintenance cost.

The Crafco EZ Series II is loaded with standard safety features designed to protect the operator and the public. Engineered features, such as the autoloader, keep the operator clear of hot sealant and add efficiency to the process. Rear controls keep the operator away from traffic on both sides of the unit. The self adjusting hose boom reduces operator fatigue and allows for a larger sealing radius. Anti splash lids with safety shut off’s protect the operator. Review the innovative features of the EZ Series II and you will find this machine to be the most safely engineered melter available.

For More Information, please call DISSCO at 877-935-2485