Seal-Rite 6,000 Gallon Bulk Storage Tank

6,000 Gallon Bulk Storage Tank

Seal-Rite 6,000 Gallon Bulk Storage Tank Image

6,000 gallon capacity steel tank with 1/4” wall thickness

Product Description

  • 6,000 gallon steel tank with ¼” heads and sidewalls
  • 3” Roper pump equipped with a 3 gallon filter pot *Gear pumps are not designed to run sand
  • Electric start Honda GX390 (13HP) motor
  • Reinforced tank ends with 1/4” thick steel plate
  • Hydraulic agitation featuring a 4” agitation shaft with infinitely variable speeds in forward and reverse, complete with a full sweep, four paddle agitation system with 3/8” thick rubber wiper blades on each paddle that rub the sidewalls all the way around for a cleaner tank
  • 20” x 10” combination 1-bolt airtight manway on top of pump end of tank
  • Expanded metal on top of sprocket chain guard and top front end of tank for added traction
  • 24” diameter x 1/4” thick steel bolted manhole below fluid level for easy clean out
  • Discount if a 2” Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump is used. Customer to have air supply.

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