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ADS Pipe & ADS corrugated polyethylene tubing: Perfect for homesite and commercial drainage.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. is America's leading manufacturer of quality corrugated polyethylene pipe.

ADS pipe is manufactured of selected polyethylene resins to meet the strictest product quality standards and industry specifications.

ADS manufactures a complete line of corrugated pipe, from 3-inch through 24-inch diameters for various drainage applications around the home, farm, or construction site.

With ADS pipe, drainage is economically efficient. Affordable ADS pipe costs just pennies per foot installed and is available in diameters from 3" to 48".

Rely on ADS pipe to meet all your drainage needs.

EASY TO INSTALL ~ Lightweight and easy to carry. Saves time and labor. No special tools or fittings needed. No waste; just cut to required length.

FLEXIBLE ~ Shifts with the ground. No problems due to misalignment and clogging. Drainage system continues to work efficiently because ADS pipe aligns itself.

STRONG-TOUGH-DURABLE ~ Won't crack or break under normal handling and installation procedures. Tough enough to withstand the heaviest loads.

LONG LIFE ~ Will not deteriorate. Rust resistant. Not affected by acidic soil content or other problem soils. Not affected by acidic soil content or other problem soils. Not affected by freezing or thawing.


The principal applications for corrugated polyethylene are in agriculture, in the construction industry and for highways and roads. Its wide acceptance in these varied applications is due primarily to:

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Lightweight
  3. Resistance to corrosion
  4. Unique structural properties
  5. Resistance to abrasion
  6. Flexibility
  7. Low costThere are many applications for corrugated polyethylene tubing, but the following are representative of its wide variety of uses:

FARM DRAINAGE. Subsurface drainage of farmland is the key to successful farming. In may cases it allows for reclamation of land once considered to be unfit or unprofitable for farming. In addition, subsurface drainage results in increased yields and improved farming operations. The introduction of corrugated polyethylene tubing and improved installation techniques has resulted in a lower installed cost for agricultural drainage systems, than for other materials used in the past. This has led to an increase in farm drainage and has contributed to the ever increasing productivity in American agriculture.

RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. Early in the history of corrugated polyethylene tubing in this county, architects and engineers recognized its value for many applications around residential and commercial buildings. These various applications are illustrated in Figure 1.

EXTERIOR FOUNDATION DRAINS are necessary for both residential and industrial buildings, below the level of the lowest floor, where high water tables and rainwater result in wet basements. These drains are placed to collect and channel water away from footers and basement walls to a suitable outlet.

INTERIOR FOUNDATION DRAINS are often necessary in areas where groundwater is a problem. These drains intercept water that otherwise would gain entry through the basement walls of the floor.

DOWNSPOUT RUNOFF DRAINS using corrugated plastic pipe channel water collected in the roof gutter to areas away from the building. These can be discharged into storm sewers, into the curb at the edge of the street, or into other suitable outlets.

LOW-SPOUT DRAINAGE in lawns or yards can be accomplished using surface inlets and corrugated polyethylene tubing to collect and carry the water to a storm sewer or other disposal area.

BASEMENT WINDOW WELL DRAINAGE will prevent rainwater from seeping down the foundation wall and entering the basement. This is accomplished by running a length of non-perforated tubing from the drain in the bottom of the well to the disposal area.

DRIVEWAY AND SIDEWALK UNDERDRAINAGE is used to prevent frost damage or pavement deterioration due to unstable bases. Installation of perforated drainage tubing in a bed of gravel allows the water to drain out of the base course and be channeled away from the pavement.

CORRUGATED POLYETHYLENE CULVERT PIPE is also available in larger sized (up to 24-inch diameter) for culvert applications including use around commercial and residential buildings. The load-bearing capability in combination with a "select" envelope and the resistance of polyethylene pipe to chemical attack and abrasion have led to its wide-spread use in this application. See Fig. 3 for installation guidelines.

GOLF COURSE AND ATHLETIC FIELDS. Golf courses and landscape architects have long understood the benefits or proper drainage for heavily used turf. A well-designed drainage system provides for the rapid removal of excess water to maximize playing time and minimize damage to tees, greens, and fairways. Corrugated polyethylene tubing has become the predominant drainage material used for golf courses, athletic fields and other high-use turf areas.

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