UPM® Patch High Performance Cold Patch – Cold Mix Asphalt Repair

Cold Mix Asphalt Repair

Conventional thought on ordinary cold mix has been that its only use was during the winter when hot mix plants were down and HMA (hot mix asphalt) was not available.  Ordinary cold mix from this perspective has always been just a “make-do” product for achieving a temporary repair.

A typical HMA repair requires that material be picked-up, then transported to the repair site, then installed, without the temperature of the material ever dropping below 150º F. The US DOT states “Do not place HMA on any wet surface or when surface temperature is below 40º F.” Furthermore, HMA is labor and equipment intensive; it must be installed quickly and at a high-enough temperature for the repair to be effective.  The window of opportunity is therefore very narrow for a HMA repair.

UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material cold mix has none of these restrictions or limitations.

UPM cold mix is seasonally adjusted to work year-round. The Summer Grade formulation is engineered to perform at installed temperatures from 60º – 80º F, and for regions that experience higher temperatures, UNIQUE produces Extreme Summer Grade for installation above 80º F.

Unlike HMA, UPM cold mix can be stockpiled and used on an as-needed basis. With no heating required, UPM mix can be loaded into the truck and taken wherever the repair is located. UPMmix only requires a shovel and the truck tires for compaction, so no additional machinery or equipment is necessary.

UPM Permanent Pavement Repair Material is a high-performance cold mix that:

Requires no heating equipment to use
Is ready-to-use straight from a bulk stockpile or bag 24/7
Has seasonally adjusted grades to work all  year
Download the “UPM Mix Is Green” article to learn more about how UPM cold mix material meets state regulations.

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