UPM® Patch High Performance Cold Patch – Cold Mix FAQs

Cold Mix FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about UPM® cold mix. You’re wondering about UPM® bulk mix: Questions about stockpiles, shelf life, sealing, seasonal grades, all-weather usage, VOC compliance, and much more.

We’ve got answers.

How long will UPM bulk mix last in a stockpile?
Sufficient quantities (100 + tons) have a 1-year shelf life, smaller quantities last several weeks to several months depending on storage conditions.

The UPM® mix stockpile will form a protective barrier on the outside of the pile, which keeps the interior of the stockpile fresh. Do not disturb protective barrier until ready to use. Load from one end of the stockpile only. Stockpile on a clean, paved pad away from dusty areas.

What is the shelf life of UPM mix in bags?
Sealed 50 lb. bags have a minimum shelf life of 18 months.

Are there seasonal grades of UPM mix?
YES! UPM mix is available in winter, spring, fall, and summer formulas. These grades are designed for optimum performance during the various temperatures of application. Winter grade 2 (40F and below), Spring/Fall grade 3 (40F to 60F), and Summer grade 4 (60F to 80F). Proper installation including compaction maximizes UPM mix survivability in the repair.

How long does it take UPM mix to set up?
Upon compaction, the aggregate and asphalt interlock making the repair stable enough for immediate traffic. The surface of the patch will cure to the hardness of the surrounding pavement. Depending upon the depth of the patch, UPM mix below the surface will cure at a very slow rate. This slow curing process allows the patch to move with the pavement during weathering, expansion, and contraction. The UPM liquid film on the aggregate is self-tacking, meaning UPM mix will partially dissolve the pothole wall, gluing UPM mix into the pothole in addition to profiling the pothole wall.

How soon can sealer be applied to a UPM mix repair?
Wait at least 30 day prior to sealing.

Is a primer or tack coat needed when applying UPM mix?
NO! UPM mix is self-priming. The proprietary asphalt blend used in manufacturing UPMmix provides a tenacious binding property to the walls of the area being repaired.

What methods of compaction are suitable?
Hand tamper, vibratory plate compactors, rollers or compaction by wheel rolling with a vehicle are acceptable. Sufficient compaction of UPM mix after installation will increase initial surface stability of the repair and prevent rutting, pushing and raveling. UPM mix can be opened to traffic immediately following compaction.

Can UPM mix be used to patch in extremely wet conditions?
Yes! UPM mix is designed for permanent performance in wet holes. Simply remove loose debris or ice, any amount of water is acceptable. Apply UPM mix to repair area and compact.

Can UPM mix be used for concrete repairs?
Yes! UPM mix is ideal for repairing concrete pavements – including roadways, bridge decks, parking lots, etc.

What is the coverage rate of UPM mix?
One 50 lb. bag covers 0.48 cubic ft (compacted); 105 lbs./cubic ft; always reference compacted amount to customers.


  1. 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 0.17 ft. = 1.5 cubic ft.; 1.5 cubic ft. x 105 lb. /cubic ft. = 181 lb.; or four 50 lb. bags. (105 lb. / cubic ft. is compacted)
  2. On web 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 2 inches = 3.15 bags; 3.15 bags x 50 lb. bags = 158 lbs. volume of pothole only. Adding 15% for compaction; 3.15 bags x 0.15 = 0.5 bags; 3.15 bags + 0.5 bags = 3.65 bags; 185 lbs. (4 bags).
  3. 1 cubic yard = (3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.) x 105 lb. / cubic ft. = 2,835 lb.; or 2,835 lb./2,000 lbs./ton or 1.4 tons.
  4. 4 ft. x 5 ft. x 4 inches; 4 x 5 x .3 ft. = 6.7 cubic ft.; 6.7 cubic ft. x 105 lb. cubic ft. = 704 lbs.; 704 lbs. / 50 lbs. per bag = 14 bags.
  5. Listed on bag: One 50 lb. bag covers 5 square ft. x 1 inch =0.42 cubic ft.; there exist minor discrepancies due to loose material or compacted. Always round bags up to whole bag.
  6. The web is based on volume only. Need to add additional 15% for compaction. Multiply the web values by 1.15 to determine needed material (compacted) example: 3.15 bags x 1.15 = 3.6 bags or 180 lbs.

What is the approximate density UPM mix?
105 pounds per cubic ft (compacted).
2,835 pounds per cubic yard (compacted).
50 lb. bag per 0.42 cubic ft (compacted, 5 ft x 1 ft x 1 inch = 0.42 cubic ft).

What is the difference between UPM mix and other asphalt patching materials?
UPM mix works… guaranteed! Properly installed, UPM permanent pavement repair material will outlast surrounding pavement.

Can UPM mix patches be overlaid with hot mix asphalt?
YES! Contractors, municipalities, and Departments of Transportation have successfully overlaid UPM patches without “bleed-through”, pushing or rutting. Wait at least 30 days prior to overlaying.

Features and Advantages:

Year Round Use: Use UPM Permanent Pavement Repair Material to repair asphalt or concrete pavement in any weather.

Ready-to-Use: No primer or tacking materials are required prior to patching.

Permanent Repairs: UPM mix repairs have been proven* to outlast the surrounding pavement. (*Strategic Highway Research Program – SHRP-H-106 Report plus other independent studies)

All Weather Application: Permanent repairs under wet or dry weather conditions.

Seasonal Grades: Specific formulations to accommodate year-round patching requirements.

Easy to Use: Pour or shovel UPM mix into the pothole using our 3-step method; cleanout-install-compact.

Readily Available: No waiting for hot mix in long lines at the plant.

Emergency Patching: Always ready for repairs 24 hours a day from your inventory.

Immediate Access: Repaired jobsite can immediately be opened to traffic.

PREPARE: Scrape or sweep the loose fragments and debris from the hole providing a solid base and clean edges.

APPLY: Shovel UPM mix into the hole and level out 25% higher than desired depth to allow for compaction. For deep potholes, apply and compact UPM mix in separate 2″ layers. Apply only over solid base material.

COMPACT: Compact UPM mix with a hand tamper, roller, plate compactor or roll over with vehicle wheel.

Additional Information:

Do not seal coat over new UPM mix patches for at least 30 days (preferably 6 months to 1 year) to allow for proper curing.

Packaging: All units sold by the pound are available in:

  • 24# 2-gallon plastic pails
  • 50# plastic bags
  • 60# 5-gallon plastic pails
  • 660# 55-gallon steel drums
  • 2,000# Super Sacks
  • Bulk tons